Five Types of Passengers You Don’t Want In Your Car

Driving is fun, but it can turn into a painful experience if you are seated with the wrong kind of people. Not all passengers are nice and some can be a pain in the neck.

Let’s have a look at five types of passengers none of us would want

  1. The One Who Teaches You to Drive

This is the person who seems to know better driving than you do and would constantly tell you to go faster, slower or apply the brake. This can be anyone from your dad to your brother to your friend who thinks he is the best driver in the gang.

Other than this, he has constant tips on everything. He’ll ask you to buy cameras from, install a new set of speakers and get better seat covers as well

  1. The Lord of All

This person is the boss and would take the backseat despite the front seat being empty. He also orders you around asking you to change the music as per his will. He also seems to know the map better than you and would always suggest you to take another route.

He reeks of arrogance and treats you like a chauffeur. And if he sits in the front, he’d put his feet on the dashboard. Oh, the horror.

  1. The Messy One

This person is a total mess. He or she would throw everything in the car and then look around to find what he or she needs.

If they eats in the car, they’ll leave the mess behind. This can be bad as food crumbs can invite bugs in the car. You do not want such passengers driving with you

The best solution is to have a rule. Do not let people eat in the car. They can step out, finish the food and then get in. It may sound rude to some but most will understand the need.

  1. The Touchy Friend

This person sits next to you and is in a constant need to touch something. He or she would either keep itching himself or mess with the gearbox, usually not deliberately.

They are also in the habit of touching you when they talk. They are a distracraction and you don’t know how to ask them to control their habit. Other than this, they treat the car as it is their own.

They would change the music as per their will and also control the temperature as they like.

  1. The Scared One

This person is scared for one reason or the other. Everytime you apply the break, he or she feels like it’s the end of the world. He or she goes hysterical just as the speed crosses 40, and it is hard to explain to them that you are a seasoned driver and everything is under control.

Their fear has the ability to travel from one person to another and they somehow make you question your own driving abilities.

If you are unlucky enough to be driving around with such passengers, make sure to keep your patience and let them know you will not handle such behavior. Being upfront can actually help.

~ by velofinds on March 1, 2018.

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