When Do I Need New Tyres?

You’ve probably heard many stories about tyres, over inflated improves fuel efficiency or under inflated can increase grip. But, the simple fact is your tyres should always be at the right pressure, the one that your manufacturer recommends.

Over inflated tyres are actually very dangerous. But getting the pressure right is only the first step; there are actually a whole range of regular checks you should complete on your tyres.  As soon as your tyre starts to fail these tests and you can’t correct it you need to locate new tyres Melbourne has a host of tyre specialist centres, as does any part of the country!

It is advisable to use a comparison service to ensure you are getting your new tyres for the right price.

So How Do You Know If Your Tyres Need Replacing?

Your tyre is the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road, it provides grip which ensures you can accelerate smoothly, corner safely and even brake efficiently!

It works well in the dry, but the grip really stands out in wet weather, the treads are designed to push water away from the types, improving grip.

Your tyres need replacing if any of the following apply:

  • Low Tread

The minimum tread depth in Australia is 1.6mm but you should replace your tyres as soon as they go below 2mm, performance will already be reduced.

You simply need to purchase a tread depth checker, insert it into the tread of your tyre and it will tell you how deep they are.

  • Damaged Side Wall

A visual inspection of your side walls will quickly alert you to any foreign object which has been inserted into them; accidentally or intentionally.

However, you should also look for signs of cracking. This is particularly common in climates that are dry and dusty or if the vehicle is not used often. Cracked side walls dramatically increase the chances of a blow out when driving, which can have disastrous consequences for you and your passengers.

  • Deflating Regularly

If you notice that your tyre needs to be inflated on a regular basis and it is losing quite a bit of pressure then you probably have a slow puncture.

Your tyre may need replacing but it is also possible that it can be repaired. You’ll need to visit your local tyre centre to get professional advice.

It is important to note that driving on a deflated tyre will damage the inner wall and make it impossible to repair.

  • The Feel

A well balanced car should feel smooth and drive in a straight line, even if you let go of the steering wheel. If you’re finding that your vehicle is vibrating heavily or pulling to one side then you probably have a tracking issue.

This can cause premature wear on the inside edge of the tyre which you may not easily spot. It can also place strain on your gearbox and drive shafts.

If you experience either of these then it is best to have the vehicle checked by a professional.

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