Winter Is Coming (and Its Impact On Your Truck)

One of the biggest threats to any vehicle is extreme weather. From sluggish startups to broken down joints, to the failure of certain points, the winter can wreak havoc on a vehicle. This is particularly true for a pickup truck, as they often do more miles and carry heavier loads. It also drives on rougher terrain.

One of the coldest snaps in US history is coming down and winters are getting colder. So, winterizing your truck has become more important for protecting your pickup. Yet, it’s often a step that many neglects or even forget about. Moreover, many people don’t take a fully comprehensive approach which can leave you with some problems throughout the winter.

So, we decided to put together a guide on 6 ways you can prepare your truck for the winter to protect it and keep it running smoothly through the cold months, including good practice and the right aftermarket truck parts to keep your ride in top shape.

6 Ways to Winterize Your Truck 2019

  1. Use alcohol and vinegar to rid the effects of ice on your screens, handles, and locks

Alcohol and vinegar are two of the simplest and best tools for fighting ice and frost. This is because the acid in these chemicals helps breakdown stubborn ice to water.

So, wiping down your handles, locks, windows, and windscreen with alcohol or vinegar can keep your car functional in winter. You can use rubbing alcohol, white wine vinegar and vodka for these. They should all do their job and prevent staining.

  1. Use covers for your screens, seats, and your exterior as a whole

With the cold comes the damp. This damp can freeze and cause damage to upholstery and the interior of your truck. The same can be said of your truck’s exterior. Frost and the cold can damage the joints and paintwork of your pickup if extreme enough.

Covering your interior and exterior can help protect your vehicle and keep it from degrading with bad weather. It can also prevent the buildup of damp. So, invest in a good seat and exterior covers to prevent frost and damp buildup on your truck.

  1. Keep a spare battery and wheel chains in the trunk

Weak batteries can be hit hard in the cold weather. This can leave you in a, particularly bad spot if you find yourself stranded with a dead battery. The same can be said if your wheels fail you on some icy roads or hills. The 4-wheel drive can only get you so far in bad driving conditions.

So, keeping some wheel chains and a spare, fully charged, a battery in your pickup is a must for those who are frequently traveling through the winter season.

  1. Swap to winter tires

Alongside wheel chains, you’ll need good winter tires on your pickup to keep your engine and axels in good condition through the winter. This is particularly true for trucks due to the heavier loads they’re usually transporting.

Good brands would include Good Year and Yokohama tires. These can keep your pickup going through tough road conditions. They’ll also spare your axles and help keep your pickup in good condition. This is especially the case if you’re trucking through multiple winters.

  1. Service your engine and 4-wheel drive before winter hits

As indicated above, winter isn’t the time for your car to be experiencing issues. Yet many neglects to have their truck checked out before winter. Some may try to get it done during winter. But, extreme colds and bad conditions mean many places may be closed during the worst times. This can leave you in a bad position if your pickup decides to let you down through the winter.

So, make sure you get your engine and your 4-wheel drive thoroughly checked and serviced before the winter months arrive.

  1. Regularly check and use your anti-freeze

Anti-freeze is another item that should be a staple in your winter kit for making sure your heating and engine work as it should and doesn’t succumb to freezing temperatures.

So, updating your trucks anti-freeze levels and checking them regularly is key to help keep your car working optimally throughout winter.

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