Color us impressed, or at least properly intrigued

Yes, it’s a Kia— but it wears indisputably sharp, Peter Schreyer-penned duds. And remember, Japanese cars were once looked down upon, too (in the not-too-distant past, no less). Could this car be to Korea what the Datsun 240Z once was to Japan?

More on this here.

~ by velofinds on February 14, 2014.

3 Responses to “Color us impressed, or at least properly intrigued”

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    On first glance this looks like a wonderful piece of design. I wonder what it drives like? Love the colour too….

  2. Strangely modern yet starkly modern. No wonder we love it! It’s great to watch a brand mature like this, and hopefully they develop their driving dynamics at the same pace.

  3. It looks ok currently, but I don’t think it will age well. The roof and C pillar area is awkward and the front grill area looks like a parrot fish. I don’t think the gaping maw school of front end design will look so great in 10 years. At least it has a proper manual though.

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