Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Image credits (where available): Bob Tilton (, Jonny Shears, Dennis Noten, Jojo Cence, Richard Dole,,, Bob MacMillan

~ by velofinds on February 10, 2014.

7 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. In the words of my British brethren… Phwooaarrr…

  2. One of the best Grab Bags yet! The Maserati interior is stunning. That red Alfa, … is that a Stradale type 33 in competition trim (Someone has deep, deep pockets)! And do I spy an e28 Alpina on the Tail of the Dragon?

    • It’s a TZ2, even more limited in number than the Stradale I believe, and almost as beautiful. But yes, deep pockets indeed.

  3. Regarding the M1s on the truck: who says Mercedes cant bring driving excitement?

  4. I always love your grab bags, they always have some of the best images around so I was especially flattered when I saw one of my photos in this one!

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