Rally Nippon 2013 in Taiwan: Day 2— Here Comes the Sun

This is Part 2 of the Rally Nippon 2013 in Taiwan. For Part 1, go here.

Day 2 started off with cars warming up at the beautiful Lalu resort perched on the edge of Sun Moon Lake. This parking garage early in the morning was quite a scene. All 60 classics revving their engines in unison created an intoxicating – literally suffocating – mixture of carbon monoxide and engine roars. What a way to get high in the morning!

1958 Lancia Appia Sr. 2 Pininfarina Coupe

1965 AC Cobra 427 SC

Rally-prepped 1957 Volvo PV444 Amazon

Zagato— x 2

Breathtaking in any setting— 1971 Miura P400S

1964 Aston Martin DB4

8am— we were greeted by perfect weather upon exiting the resort grounds. Finally, a perfect fall day!

The ear-shattering, deafeningly loud 1969 Corvette

Heading further south on the expressway…

Stopping by the historic Wu-Shan-Tou Reservoir. Completed in 1930 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, it’s one of the very first reservoirs in the country.

Even toll booth attendants and highway work crews were snapping photos and waving us by.

Entering Kaohsiung, the second largest metropolis in Taiwan.

Lunch stop at the just completed Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Even the mayor came out to greet us. We were lunched and entertained by a rave music kung fu show on the sidewalk. Some young enthusiasts came around for drivers’ autographs with their home-made poster of all the cars!

We were again waved goodbye by a super enthusiastic crowd. They say as you move south and the temperature rises, the people also get warmer and friendlier!

Roaring down a typical city street in Taiwan filled with store signage…

1967 275GTB/4 and a nonchalant jaywalker with a ladder getting awfully close.

Heading further south to the only race track in the country…

Arriving at the last stop of the day to another warm reception. We are starting to feel spoiled by the passionate crowds and huge turnouts!

Lined up at the paddock of Penbay International Circuit

1957 356A Coupe

Lamborghini Islero just past the 356

1934 Riley 12/4 Sports Special

1934 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300B

Getting ready for two leisurely laps around the FIA Grade 2 circuit

1952 Aston DB2 DHC

1952 MG TD

1954 Jaguar XK120

Togi-san’s 1954 AC Ace

Day 2 ends as night falls.

This is Part 2 of a four-part series. Join us for Part 3 tomorrow.

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  1. That lone 356 at dusk in the pit-lane is a magnificent photograph.

  2. Great!

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