Sa Majesté in her various guises

MCB resident Citroën SM expert Laurent recently shared these assorted images of his and fellow SM owners’ cars from the previous year— including some truly unusual examples. Such beautiful cars in beautiful settings.

Thanks for sharing, Laurent!

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~ by velofinds on January 2, 2014.

8 Responses to “Sa Majesté in her various guises”

  1. These cars were really fantastically designed and built.
    The hypopneumatic suspension was very clever but the way the Maserati V6 was mounted with ancillary components driven off a separate forward facing jackshaft was a unique way of gaining easy maintenance access under the hood.
    Three two barrel Weber 42 DCNFs sitting on top of the engines of most models were a nice touch for those who liked to tinker with their toys also!
    These photos are very nice but an under-the-hood shot is sorely lacking to give this classic justice.

  2. Stunning cars to look at, but I prefer the DS to drive. Still want one though.

  3. The 4 door SM, wow! Never seen one and wish I could sit in the back seat in person to check it out. What a car.

    The t-top version reminds me of these:

  4. Superbes photos Laurent.
    Je travaille pour de la SM au jour le jour (refabrication de pièces) mais je n’ai jamais eu la chance de poser mes fesses dedans. Ca doit être super sympa !

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