2.3-16 restoration

This man (an indie Mercedes master technician in the PNW) has a compulsively watchable Youtube channel— if you’re into these cars, be sure to set aside a half hour (or more) to comb through the videos.

Here’s a great-looking 2.3-16 (which we’d like very, very much by the way):

What appears to be the finished car (alongside a low-mile Alfa Milano):

Closer look at the Milano:

Hat tip to Tamerlane’s Thoughts for the, uh, tip.

~ by velofinds on December 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “2.3-16 restoration”

  1. Wow. Two of my favorite sedans. My brother drives a 2.3-16 and I am rebuilding the engine in my Milano Verde, so this is even more relevant to me than I could imagine.

    I’d love to pull apart the engine in the Mercedes. From what I can tell, the bottom end should be inexpensive, but the head gets to be a bit trickier.

  2. If I squint real hard my Milano looks just like this one … Well, it is the same color anyway.

    Love those pristine front seats. Those Recaro’s in the Milano are one of, if not the, most comfortable seats ever installed in an car.

    It there is any fairness in the world, one of these will appear with my name on it for Christmas.

  3. Latest on this W201:

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