The fascinating car culture of Japan

We can think of few places that have a more fascinating car culture – insofar as cars that are actually seen and driven in everyday life – than Japan. Recurring contributor Mike was there to take in the scene earlier this year— here were some of his sightings.

~ by velofinds on December 11, 2013.

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  1. The green Fiat 127 is terrific !!!

  2. That Z3 made into a 190 SL made me laugh.

    The green 127 would’ve been a quite common thing to see in Spain up until the mid 80s. I actually rode as a kid in one once. I never thought of it as a desirable car, but then again I had never seen one in that condition.

  3. I believe that Z3 is supposed to be a 300SL

    • Curiously (or perhaps not), I spoke to the non-Japanese driver once who proudly explained it was a European conversion he had shipped over. It does look vaguely better with the roof down…

  4. I was wondering what the heck that car was supposed to be. Thanks to the above comments.

    I thought I had seen the exact same Dajiban before, but as it turns out, no, it’s a different one on Watanabes. See link:

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