Road trip to Pebble Beach in a CS coupe and pair of 911s

MCB friend and guest contributor Julien Thiebaud shared these photos from a road trip earlier this summer that took their convoy from San Diego to Monterey (home of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance) and back— in total, they logged some 1300-odd miles round trip. Looks awesome! As nice as the destination may have been, we probably would have savored the journey just as much— if not more.

Road trip time— cue practical transportation:

They were not without some mishaps— the ’69 coupe had to bow out early (failed fuel pump).

Sitting shoulder to shoulder— but not claustrophobically so, thanks to the CS coupe’s remarkably airy greenhouse.

We’ve all been in this situation.

Like hunters lying in wait.


Getting close to the final destination. Can you tell?

You meet the nicest people on a Honda in a Rally Fighter.

’69 is back on the road.

That silhouette…

There’s really nothing like the open road— and what sweet company this is. Thanks to Jul for sharing this journey.

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7 Responses to “Road trip to Pebble Beach in a CS coupe and pair of 911s”

  1. Great photo journey! Thanks for sharing.

  2. …something about those Targa’s, just looks so good.

  3. Fantastic scenery ! And the cars aren’t too bad either!

  4. Nice pictorial.

  5. Great documentation, of what looks like a glorious road trip! Thanks for the effort. Neko.

  6. Sometimes a few pictures can make you say to yourself “Why is this not my life?”. Your blog manages to make me say this almost every time I visit. Keep up the inspiration.

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