Please choose: Lamborghini Espada or Ferrari 400/412

Given that one has now become a cult favorite and the other is still considered to be somewhat of an ugly duckling in classic car circles – can you guess which is which? – we expect this one to be a trouncing. Prove us wrong 🙂

The tale of the tape:

Ferrari 400/412

  • Offered 1976-1989
  • Production: 2384 (35% of them with manual transmission)
  • 4.8-4.9 L V12 good for 310-340 bhp
  • ~ 1800-1900kg (3900-4200 lbs)
  • Pininfarina design
  • Cost when new: ~ $45,000 (about $185,000 in 2013 dollars)
    • Doesn’t include federalization, which more or less doubled the cost of the car (they were never officially sold in the US, meaning all examples in the US are gray imports)
  • Current value: ~ $20,000-$45,000
  • Tip: don’t forget the 365GT4 2+2 (1972–1976). Looks nearly identical to the 400 and cost is in the same ballpark (~ $38,000).
  • Open question: anecdotally, we’ve heard these transmissions (the manual) are terrible— possibly the reason why old man Enzo himself used an automatic 412i as his daily.

Lamborghini Espada

  • Offered 1968-1978
  • Production: 1217
  • 4.0 L V12 good for 325-350 bhp
  • 1,465 kg or 3,230 lbs (!), though one source cites 3,600 lbs
  • Bertone design (Gandini)
  • Cost when new: ~ $34,000 (about $228,500 in 2013 dollars)
  • Current value: ~ $23,000-$59,000

Make the jump for what you’re all here for, which is the eye candy.



So which would you choose? Have at it!

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21 Responses to “Please choose: Lamborghini Espada or Ferrari 400/412”

  1. Espada. But the 400 is damn appealing.

  2. 412
    The most underrated Ferrari, but i love it….

  3. I’ve always liked the 400/412 for its restrained good looks, but if I’m looking at getting something as eccentric as one of these, what do I care for mature styling? The weirdness of the Espada is just too compelling to pass up.

  4. Espada all day long. No contest. The 400 reminds me of an accountant who wears a boring suit and likes to eat microwave dinners because they’re simple to make. The Espada is smoking cigarettes with his collar popped and is hitting on his colleague’s daughter…

  5. Espada. No question. Ferrari are just too common. Plus, if anything says 1960s streetable exotica better than an Espada, I cannot think of it… Neko.

  6. Love them both but the Lamborghini looks like it’s trying to make a statement, the Ferrari doesn’t need to.

  7. Obviously the Ferrari.

    But don’t take my word for it:

  8. Espada, without a doubt. One of my favorite cars of all time. Would have one in a heartbeat.

  9. Let’s get weird: Espada.

  10. Ferrari 400/412

    Choosing is tougher than McB might think. I think the 400/412 just edges out the Espada even though I feel like I am forsaking weirdness for convention. The classic looks of the Ferrari surpass the unique layout and alternative appeal of the Espada.

  11. Aesthetically, I’d choose the Ferrari without much hesitation–it looks so comfortable in those terrible ’70s bronzes and greens and browns, whereas the Espada looks like the clumsy offspring of a Grand Torino and a Super Bird where some sort of terrible, formerly hidden recessive gene finally came home to roost.

    However, I don’t think I could declare a preference for one over the other without first driving them both, as they each seem like they might have a few surprises up their sleeves…

  12. Those who seem to know about these things seem to say the Espada is a very nice driving experience, so probably that. But the lines on the Ferrari have a certain appeal that is hard to ignore.

  13. That´s really a very interesting question: For me both cars are equal, but I prefer the Lamborghini: The sound is better and the character of the car is more classical 😀

    Cari Saluti, Giovanni

  14. Imagine driving Deep blue 412 in your finest navy suit.
    One vote for 412.

  15. Where’s the Lambo 400GT 2+2 option!?

  16. The Ferrari 400/412. Purely on looks. I go a thing for boxy / rulerdesigned cars. Plus the front which reminds me of one of my own cars, the Volvo 480 Turbo. The part of the turnsignals.

  17. Italian spaceship all the way. The Lambo in case there was any doubt. I also have a thing for the old Jarama – a giant mean pissed off Italian Pinto.
    Naca ducts – FTW!

  18. I’ll take the Espada, please! It’s also the better investment of the two.

  19. The 412 because I have the chance to drive one… But the Lamborghini as second car will be a good choice too.

  20. Dave in Washington state writes: “I have owned a 1980 400i and currently own an Espada. The Espada is my clear choice for style and driving. It also gets the most attention driving down the road and at car shows.”

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