Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Better late than never 🙂

Image credits (where available): barr images, Julien Mahiels

~ by velofinds on October 21, 2013.

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  1. A watershed “Assorted Grab Bag.” I am continually impressed with your output. No one better captures the essence and Ă©clat of that four-wheeled object we call the car. You seem to have an innate sense of which cars deserve inclusion, and then what image best represents each car’s true spirit, or brio, if I may. In every case, their best foot is put forward. I’m sure you make their design parentage(s) very proud indeed.

    This is the class act of motoring sites.

    • Thank you— we are humbled by those words. We see and experience beauty, awe, wonder, and inspiration in these cars, the images thereof, and their stories. To be able to share that with kindred souls from all corners of the globe is an honor and a privilege.

    • Totally agreed. That’s what never gets old on this site. Thanks for the amazing pictures.

      If Anything, I wish they were a bit bigger, but I understand it’s a problem of format from the blog…

  2. The irony of that RX7 in the gravel is perfect.

  3. Love the Espada picture. That’s a wall hanger for sure.

  4. What’s better looking, a Lancia Stratos or an Alfa 33 Stradale? That may be the most difficult question ever posed.

  5. There’s something so timeless about the 33 Stradale…

    And look at those M1s coming down from the Casino…

    Or that RS200 driven by Spanish “Matador” Carlos Sainz in Spain’s gravel rally championship, which he won, in 1987…

    Love the Abarth Simca too!

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    Just when you think they can’t possibly top the last one…they do. Another great grab bag from the guys at MCB.

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