Alpina B3 2.7 Touring (E30) — it exists

Well we always knew they did – we count approximately ten on the Alpina Register (though who knows how many of them are still on the road) – but this is our first time getting a good look at one. It’s a bit loud for us, visually speaking (then again, Alpinas were never known for their subtlety), but underneath the cosmetic modifications, it’s hard to find fault with what lies beneath. What a car.

Images by Benno Reiss-Zimmerman

~ by velofinds on September 11, 2013.

8 Responses to “Alpina B3 2.7 Touring (E30) — it exists”

  1. Best. Wagon. Ever. I need one.

  2. Nice find.

  3. I’m not big on the red. I’m the kind of guy who would buy a Ferrari in green or blue, though, so I’m not sure how far my opinion matters. For whatever reason, this doesn’t do too much for me, it’s probably the chromed valve cover. What’s up with the painted airbox and power steering reservoir?

  4. Not usually a big fan of red with white wheels and pinstripes (too Fantasy Island” for me), but once behind the wheel, I’d be hard pressed to care about the color combo. The want is strong with this one.

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    Great set of shots celebrating a rare E30 Touring Alpina. Article courtesy of MCB.

  6. Where can we get more info on this car? I may need to make this a life goal of mine.

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