Upper Mud River Road, West Virginia

We hate to be the ones giving away local secrets (as we’ve said before), but as far as we’re concerned, if it’s already in the buff books and thus on newsstands (not to mention the inescapable reach of the Web), then the cat is already out of the bag. And besides, as self-appointed keepers of the spirited-driving flame, we have a public service to provide 🙂

With that out of the way, Car and Driver seems to like 22-mile Upper Mud River Road in West Virginia (though we haven’t driven it personally), enough to provide this helpful infographic, even:

Now, we ourselves have driven plenty of nice roads in West Virginia, notwithstanding Upper Mud River Road. It’s one of those magical states (like North Carolina, Tennessee, as well as possibly others— anyone?) where amazing yet completely undiscovered roads abound at every turn, just waiting to be savored. And we’ll bet the farm that all the carnival barking in all the Inter-nets still won’t turn these sleepy rural communities and byways into the kind of sideshow attractions that, say, Mulholland Drive or the Tail of the Dragon have become. No, we like to think that these are the kind of mystical places that the odd driving enthusiast will occasionally stumble across, enjoy, and then leave without a trace— just as they had been found.

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One Response to “Upper Mud River Road, West Virginia”

  1. Took me a couple read-throughs to see that you were saying you hadn’t driven this road, not that you didn’t think it was nice.

    I love the surprise road experience, but I endorse being clued in on good drives too. Thanks C&D!

    In the NC/TN/WV area I always figure I’m fine if it’s paved, on the other hand one of the best days ever was when we followed our GPS’ lead off the pavement to get to a paved reservoir access road so twisty it was a full-on Hill Climb to keep tot he speed limit.

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