It’s a trade-off

This man said it best.

He knows. They all do. Good job representing, guys.

~ by velofinds on August 14, 2013.

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  1. The best part for me was the description of the commute required to get to their cars. I liked the inclusion of the Baja Bug – it shows this isn’t solely a rich man’s game.

    I have to say my dream all my life – only briefly achieved in when I moved back to Miami and coul take the Metrorail back and forth to the museum – is to be able to work and shop without having to take my car, and have my car for only the things I want to do.

    • Time to move north? Philly, Boston, NY, DC should all be possibilities. Maybe also a few others.

    • yeah i think adding the bug was a good idea, even the GTV6 for that matter. It was a little more laid back kind of like his older “depth of speed” videos where I feel like they showed a little more of the “everyday car guy”.

      • Depth of Speed was great. Glad you remember it!

      • Excluding some of the really high-dollar cars we have profiled, do most not seem like “everyday car guy”? I feel like a lot of those guys we have done are what I would consider “everyday car guys”(like the BMW’s, Skylines, etc.) That could be that I spend a lot of time with them and get to know them more in depth than I can show in a video.

        Thanks for your comment, I will try and see if I can capture that a bit more.

        • I was including the high dollar cars in my first response. But yeah I suppose excluding them, yes, most of the videos are still the “everyday car guy”. I was sitting and trying to decide how I was going to explain myself in that first response without coming off like an a-hole. Thats not me, I love every form of automobile from the stance scene, a perfectly kept factory stock car to a rat rod. For some reason the ones that stand out to me are the ones that seem ocd and their garages look like they belong in a magazine and, well, fake in my opinion. No garages I see come near that. They have oil on the floors, jack stands everywhere, tools scattered all over…thats just more of what Im accustomed to and I guess thats what I want to see. What you are doing is great, dont change it! I do love seeing the other side of the spectrum. I just feel its been more one sided lately. Keep doing what got you where you are Mr.Clason, your videos are really a work of art. I just really enjoyed this latest video for many reasons.

          • No worries, I think in my original response I had a good understanding of what you were referring to. I agree with you though, I need to push to get into more garages where people are working on what they love.

  2. A great reminder of one of the big reasons I never had any urge to move back to NYC. The enthusiasts interviewed certainly demonstrate an impressive commitment to the car hobby, and I respect that. But seriously, getting to their cars is only the beginning of the hassles of owning and maintaining a car there, not to mention the added expense, wear-and-tear on the car and the owner, planning and execution time to just “take a drive,” etc. Impressive, but no thanks.

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