Simple and effective

Still want one. Another fine film from

~ by velofinds on August 1, 2013.

7 Responses to “Simple and effective”

  1. Way better than the Hardees commercial where the sexy person eats a hamburger. Those are just silly…now an ad that highlights shining up a fabulous car…that’s stuff worth watching.

  2. Must..own..a 911…in life time!

  3. Makes me crave even more for a 911.

  4. Wish to own one now!
    Thanks for inspiring me further!!

  5. now this is a car to lust for unlike a certain fellow german marque’s latest hothatch.

  6. It’s not IF I’ll own an aircooled 911, it’s WHEN.

    Anyone else cringe when he was washing the car with a watch on?

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