Blenheim Carburetor Rehab Run

Our friends over at the Blenheim Gang held one of those Top Gear-style cheap car challenges, and the results look superb! Here’s a look:

The rules:

Les règles étaient simples : acheter une voiture à carburateur à moins de 1000 € et embarquer pour une course d’orientation en 3 étapes, dont chaque départ sera donné à Minuit. La route ? De Clermont-Ferrant à Royan, en passant par le Désert des Bardenas en Espagne.

11 voitures étaient au départ, et toutes ont rejoint l’arrivée.

The rules were simple: buy a car carburetor less than € 1,000 and embark on an orienteering course in three stages, each race will start at midnight. The road? Clermont-Ferrant in Royan, through the Desert of Bardenas Spain.

11 cars were in the beginning, and all have reached the finish line.

Well done, guys.

~ by velofinds on July 24, 2013.

6 Responses to “Blenheim Carburetor Rehab Run”

  1. Wow. looks so fun!

  2. What a blast! Great to see all those old cars still have what it takes to perform. Can someone clue me in as to what the low slung gold car is at the 1:00 mark? I’m having a hard time identifying it as I’m from the other side of the pond.

  3. Renault fuego

  4. Whoa! A great initiative, and a bunch of brave participants, especially those on a first gen (SA22C) Mazda RX7.

  5. I am a little disappointed. I saw these guys at the Circuit de Charade, but I was with my girlfriend and we were headed back into town after picnicking in the mountains… Of course we chose to drive her modern car instead of my Cortina or my Giulia, and she didn’t want to stop to have a look!

    Gutted I missed that.

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