Toyota 2000GT MF10

Image by MCB contributor Skorj.

Gorgeous photo (of a gorgeous car).

~ by velofinds on June 25, 2013.

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  1. Oh what a tease!

    I have never really understood why this was never sent to the US, they would have sold a million. I suspect crash standards were the reason.

    • I don’t know very much about these cars, but I suspect cost? I.e., they cost more to make than what an American would have been willing to spend back then on a Japanese sports car.

      • These were actually sold in the US but by that time, very very few people knew about Toyota, let alone know about them having a (for the time) supercar.

  2. I never knew that Jorge! Thanks for the FYI!

    • For sure! If you want to learn more, there are actually not one, not two, but three(!) Toyota 2000GTs at the Toyota Museum in Torrance, CA. And one of them is none other of the two “golden” cars.

      I personally like better the “zenki” white one above all 2000GTs (together with one white zenki and the golden, they also have a red kouki version).

      At the car’s stand they also have a book in which you can learn about the whole history of this car. I spent there an hour alone enjoying a “quick” read.

      Worth the trip if you are in Southern California, especially since it’s free and there are many other interesting racing and classic Toyotas.

  3. it’s often been said the best thing about the james bond film ‘you only live twice’ was the custom built 2000gt roadster. specially built as sean connery was too big for the closed coupe.
    a real work of art.
    a real expensive work of art.
    earlier this year a coupe sold for $1.16m

  4. The only Toyota I’d consider to own, such a beautiful car.

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