This should keep folks entertained for awhile

Ralph Lauren is known for having an incredible museum-quality car collection; that’s not anything new. But now, not only can you see the cars online, you can hear them, too. Hop on over to his dedicated website, click on “The Cars” (let the graphic load first), then go through the collection one by one, drinking in the pure engine sounds— the cars are given proper workouts (by Lauren’s staff, presumably) and the sound quality is quite good. The cars, of course, speak for themselves.

Thanks to reader Stephen J. for the excellent tip!

~ by velofinds on June 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “This should keep folks entertained for awhile”

  1. I caught this show when I was in Paris two years ago. The cars were exquisite, especially the ‘Count Trossi’ SSK. Such incredible bodywork.

  2. There is also a nicely done coffee table book featuring the collection. I’m waiting for my opportunity to see the traveling exhibit, so until then I’ll flip through the pages and admire the artwork within.

  3. I enjoyed this! That Atlantic sounds mean!

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