Mind-boggling: Toyota Camry tuning by Carlsson

Strange but true.

Carlsson is, as some readers are no doubt aware, the Mercedes-Benz tuning company founded by the Brothers Hartge (a third brother remained with their namesake tuning company, which continued to focus on BMWs).

We have no doubt that respectable performance could in fact be coaxed out of that beigest of beigemobiles, that most appliance-like of all conveyances. Still, one has to wonder what the point of all of that is (and we somehow suspect that irony isn’t one of them).

And of course, it’s not the first time that a German tuning house hopped in bed with a Japanese car manufacturer.

(Hat tip: TuningHistory)

~ by velofinds on June 11, 2013.

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  1. My first car was a ’94 V6 Camry Wagon, I loved it and it loved me. Maybe it was me being a naive 16 year old but I had a blast in that car. Would I tune a camry now? probably not. But I understand why someone would, I miss the hell out of that car.

    • When you’re 16, almost any set of wheels is great. One could do a lot worse than a V6 Camry 🙂

      • A 4-cyl Camry would be worse. Or a Corolla. A young auto enthusiast can’t do much worse than a Corolla. Heck, the ’76 Oldsmobile I inherited at 16 had more “cool factor” than a Corolla. Reliability? Well, not so much.

        For the record though…wagons are cool, Fej, regardless of whether they are Camrys.

        • Oh, come on. I would prefer a V6 Camry over ’76 Oldsmobile any day!

          • I would too, James. My assertion was that my ’76 Oldsmobile had more cool factor than a Corolla. Which it did.

        • Yes they are. That Camry is responsible for my wagon obsession.

  2. Don’t forget the Isuzu Piazza Irmscher.

    When are you going to be on Twitter?

  3. Miss those times as well. This looks like a publicity stunt more to me than anything else, although then again, I could imagine better ones to be fair.

  4. Who knew a camry could look so good?

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