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Getting right to it.

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~ by velofinds on June 10, 2013.

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  1. Open wheel racing in the snow! I wonder if he had his all weather slicks on? Great picture.

  2. You’ve done the impossible, you have outdone yourself with an even more awesome bag of goodness than usual this week. Massively thanks!

  3. That Charger would be a hand full on most European roads, and the (frequent) bill for topping off the petrol wouldn’t be for the faint of heart either. We saw an Impala SS in Paris a few years ago (occupying 2 parking spaces on the street), and estimated $175 to fill the tank. Ouch. I bet it would have been pretty entertaining watching someone try to pilot it around typical Arc de Triomphe traffic too…

  4. Wonder if the Charger is being lapped by those 911s, or if it’s actually holding its own? 😉

    • This is a recent photo from a revival race (the Le Mans Classic), but at the original 1976 Le Mans, the Olympia Dodge Charger Did Not Finish:

      “Unfortunately, NASCAR at Le Mans didn’t live up to its advance billing and immense popularity. McGriff’s engine blew on the second lap, thus the Olympia Dodge was the first car out of the race, officially shown as “No Result.” At Le Mans, you need to complete a certain number of laps even to be classified as a finisher.


  5. I spy an Isuzu Bellett GTR next to that TR4. Not a car that we hear of very often, so it’s nice to see [a small part of] one!

  6. Great pics. I wonder how many of the RS200 are still around?

  7. fantastic grab bag this week!

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