Cars and Coffee is to the US as…

…the Breakfast Club is to the UK!

Since it was introduced in March 2006, the free to enter, and open-to-all Breakfast Club – based at Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex – has become one of the country’s most popular motoring events, an admission-free monthly gathering of drivers and riders united by their petrol-head passion (source).

Talk about doing it right. Wow.

Hat tip to reader Dean Grossmith for sending in these photos from the latest Goodwood gathering (you can see the rest of it here). Thanks Dean!

~ by velofinds on June 7, 2013.

12 Responses to “Cars and Coffee is to the US as…”

  1. and … Daikokufuto is to Yokohama / Tokyo. Perhaps we need a global round-up, but this looks a great set here regardless. Lawn is always better than pavement.

    That poor Dino, lumbered with a prancing horse AND a ‘Ferrari’ is kinda sad though… Neko.

  2. I’m loving that HF elephant badge.

  3. Shame that the Dino is molested with the Ferrari script and the prancing horse. On the other hand the Fulvia is just right on all the levels.

  4. Re: the Ferrari and Cavallino badges — it’s possible these were dealer-installed (although it doesn’t necessarily make it ‘right’).

  5. One of my workmates recommended this to me but I couldn’t go this time.

    Must go next time.

  6. You look at these pictures then you look at a parking lot full of the latest “enthusiast cars” and the one thought in your mind is: WTF happened? (!)

  7. I’ll agree on Daikoku Futo, with the difference being that you go there any night and you see cool cars.

  8. The best kind of enjoy is driving a giulia to drink a coffee. Cari Saluti, Giovanni

    • You’re absolutely right. Talk about a fantastic start to a morning- but I’d likely finish my coffee quickly then go back out driving!

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