Honda’s golden age

Remember when Honda (Acura in the US) offered a pair of world-beating sports cars in the form of the Integra Type-R and the NSX? Hard to imagine now (almost twenty years later), but it’s true. These two cars look great doing what they were intended to do (being run hard on the track) in this old review.

Between these two cars, the CR-X, the S600/800, and perhaps the S2000 for good measure, we think Honda’s legacy is secure in terms of bringing everyday sports cars (that most people could own) to market. Here’s hoping that Honda of yore comes back someday.

~ by velofinds on June 6, 2013.

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  1. I keep talking this with friends “do you remember how Honda dominated the sports cars market in the 90s?”

    I hope their intention of F1 comeback is the first step in the right direction

  2. These cult cars coming to the end of their life, plus the vtec system becoming old and neither being renewed pretty much put the nail in the coffin of their sporty offerings. The last enthusiast car was the 4 door JDM Civic TR I think. I really hope they get back into the segment – fantastic machines to pedal (ITR, VTI, S2000, Beat)

  3. I’m quite fond of these 4-cyl Honda’s having owned a ’00 Civic Si. They’re always fun to drive and if you aren’t self-conscious of the flat-brim hat stigma that is attached to them (or scared of theft) then they offer great bang for the buck. I think I found the perfect winter car!

  4. There can be no doubt that Honda’s golden era was 1989-2000. The number of iconic cars launched by the company is staggering, especially when you look at cars offered outside of the U.S. market. Civic CR-X. Civic SiR. Civic Type-R. Integra Type-R. Prelude Type-S. NSX-R. NSX Type-S Zero. S2000. There were a couple of good offerings in the last decade, but none of them came stateside. I truly am looking forward to a Honda revival and resurgence.

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