Think Monsieur Harris loves the Seven much?

He’s amused, even entertained by the Morgan Three Wheeler and the sheer novelty factor that it possesses, but he’s positively overjoyed by the Caterham.

Yeah, we could see that being the case. Can’t go wrong with either one, but they really are apples and oranges in spite of their pairing here. Certainly, we know which one we’d go with.

~ by velofinds on June 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “Think Monsieur Harris loves the Seven much?”

  1. I love the idea of the Morgan. It’s like nothing else and I’m sure driving one would feel really special. However, for some reason I can’t believe taking it out for a drive at every possible opportunity. I fear its novelty would wear off pretty soon and it would take quite long break to make it feel special again. It is a cool car and awesome concept, but I can’t imagine picking one over the Caterham.

    The Seven is a car which offers pure driving enjoyment and nothing else. It’s a car which you can use to be a better driver in so many levels, and probably everything you learn in a Seven can be adapted to work on bigger cars. When you get bored to drive one, you’re probably bored to the act of driving itself. I don’t mean I’d like to drive one everyday, but I’m sure the Seven would feel special year after year.

  2. The 7 is one of those timeless designs, such as the 911, that defy the norm. At first glance the 7 is just an old , odd car. Then you drive one and it becomes crystal clear what the fuss is all about.

    Two Lotus are on my bucket list, a Europa and a 7 (aka Caterham, et al).

  3. I have two friends who owned Caterhams and loved every minute. I also loved being their passenger on track days. The cars were raced with gusto and then driven home “as is.” The Morgan is an entirely different class of vehicle, and I’ve seen those raced as well. The Caterham gets my vote purely on the power difference.

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