The Ozello Trail (Citrus County, Florida)

Does Florida have corners? Yes! Well, sort of. Read on to learn more…

The Ozello Trail (start from US 19, just south of Crystal River, Citrus County, FL)

Florida has a real shortage of roads that are both twisting and paved. A rare exception is the Ozello Trail, which twists and turns to follow the highest ground out to the settlement of Ozello. It’s an old fashioned road in other ways, including a rock causeway right across the mouth of the estuary. Along the way you pass through woods, open marshes, past fishing camps and fishermen’s cabins, and at the end is Peck’s Old Port Cove, a pretty good place to stop for a seafood lunch.

I’ve heard motorcyclists refer to the trail as the “Little Dragon,” and that’s clearly an exaggeration although the occasional sand and gravel on the road must be exciting for bikers. Far be it from me to accuse anyone of speeding…

It’s not a technical road by any means, but I found I was comfortable with the 35-45 mph speed limit (I’d only want to go much faster if the road was closed to oncoming traffic and someone had moved the local tortoises clear of the road), and a couple decreasing radius turns got interesting, especially when I started sliding on a bit of sand and gravel. After a very gradual beginning, an especially “interesting” turn happens after the second bridge. You crest the bridge and immediately hit a 90 degree turn. Today there was sand on the road as well…

It’s enough that you pay proper attention to the road, and acquaint yourself with your car’s handling. My S6 felt big, with a touch too much roll, and a bit of understeer until I hit the gas. What great time. Can’t wait to go back.

Hat tip to reader Walter for sharing this report!

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