Do we know the feeling?

Do we ever. Here’s a wonderful video about buying a new-to-you car and driving it home for the first time.

From the new owner:

It’s been over a year that I’ve been searching for the right car. Although my interests may have swayed to Subarus for a while, and then to E36 M3s, and to a few different kinds of BMWs, one car – and one shape – always drew me back.

BMW’s E24 6-series, the first of that model, was a stunning achievement of power, class, and, as time has demonstrated, durability. Powered by 3.4- and 3.5-liter variations of the M30 straight-six and styled in the shape of the legendary E9 that preceded it, it proved to be a beloved car among enthusiasts even thirty years later.

This particular car, a 1986 Arktisblau 635CSi, was picked up after tireless searching in West Virginia, and started its time with me by making the 600-mile journey back to Vermont over the course of two days. Despite the challenges of adapting to a 30-year-old vehicle on freeways and long-distance drives, the car exemplified its reputation as a legendary GT.

From one M30 owner to another: mazel tov.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Brilliant. Congratulations and good luck! LMK if you need a great euro mechanic in VT…I know a guy!

  3. Saw that on the E24 BF.C boards a week or two ago. Fantastic clip; thanks for posting it up. 🙂 Makes me miss mine a lot… M30 forever.

  4. Having had one of these, this video makes me miss it. I still have the engine, wonder what I should do with it…

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