Makes you want an Italian car, doesn’t it?

That’s the thought that came to mind while poring over these latest photos from Michael Ward.

It’s not going to be for awhile, but Italian cars are probably the next frontier for us after German. Even looking at this disparate cast ranging from the very affordable to the very unobtainable, the charisma that they share is like none other.

More here.

~ by velofinds on May 14, 2013.

14 Responses to “Makes you want an Italian car, doesn’t it?”

  1. Alfa and BMW the Yin and Yang of the automotive world. How can two cars created with such disparate philosophies both be such great cars to drive? Yet when driving them they have nothing in common, except the smile you’re wearing. Viva la difference!

  2. Bellissima.

  3. Alfa 159 – most beautiful.

  4. Gotta get an Alfa GTV6, so I can live vicariously through you (more).

  5. So what italian car are you thinking of going with?

    • There are a few possibilities here — an Alfa Romeo Spider, GTV Bertone coupe, GTV6, Lancia Delta Integrale.

      • Get a nice, rust free GTV6 (already rare in nice and rust free condition) and hang onto it. They may be underappreciated now, and correspondingly cheap, but the good ones won’t be getting any easier to find. If I were speculating the classic car market, I’d pick one of these up along with an Alfa Montreal (which I would have ideally bought about 3 years ago).

        As badly as I want a Delta Integrale, their value is kinda going the way of the E30 M3, and once they start hitting 25 years old, that’ll jump.

        I’ve got a Fulvia as my desktop at work.

      • I vote GTV Bertone Coupe, my god those are good looking. Did we get the Lancia, or is that something that you would need to import?

      • +1 on the GTV6 however… I would HIGHLY recommend considering the earlier Alfetta Gt. Not as quick or “refined” as the V6, but an absolute hoot to push hard. I wouldn’t swap my Gt for a V6. On the negative side the federal cars have god awful impact bumpers and raised front ride height which ruins the delicate shape.

  6. For those of you not on the facebook feed, I’ll just leave this here.

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