Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Yes, really:

1961 Mitsubishi Colt 800:

Image credits (where available): Johnny Aguirre, kinderwurst, kermit71, Dylan Leff, speedhunters, blenheimgang, michaelward

~ by velofinds on April 15, 2013.

14 Responses to “Assorted grab bag of stuff we like”

  1. That Alfa with the skis. Yes please.

  2. Interesting how small the Integrale looks next to the teeny-tiny Fulvia isn’t it? Thought it would dwarf it.


  4. The Lancia Magnum is a future classic. Trust me. Seriously, 30 years from now that’s going to confuse a lot of people.

  5. Despite how tired I am of winter this year, that snowbound stepnose Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT is pretty inviting.

    Great shot of the E-type also. Can’t tell what country it’s in, but how cool would it be to be driving a LHD car from a RHD country (England) in a RHD country (Japan)? Sorry, I haven’t had enough caffeine yet this morning…

    • Between the ski-Spider and the RHD-LHD-RHD situation… there’s a lot of delightful perverseness in this grab bag.

    • The E-Type is in Tokyo – on contemporary Shinagawa plates – as driving LHD here is indeed considered kakoii (cool). To the point where non-Japanese cars are almost necessary to have in LHD, regardless of their home market configuration. The proliferation of such is so prevalent most toll-booths are both way equipped.

      Furthermore, Yakuza-types have been known to import non-JDM Japanese cars (Acura, Lexus, & Infiniti mostly) for the same reason. Which takes the whole LHD on RHD roads to the furthest point of silliness. But, as we all know, kakoii transcends logic. Neko.

  6. This site is making me love the E28 more and more.

  7. Love the bmw e12 passing on the corner exit!

    BMW’s, Alfa’s and that gorgeous naked Ducati, objects of lust all.

  8. If I had to pick a top 3:

    1: Renault 8, Because it’s refreshing not to see one in Gordini blue
    2: Mazda RX3: Because It’s the RX7 I’ve always wanted
    3: Peugeot 205: Not the GTi or even the Rallye (both of which are 3 door models only), but it still tripods like you know you want it to.

    Those Lancias at the bottom are making me drool on my keyboard. The Alfas aren’t helping much either.

  9. Sweet pics of the e30’s, also like the GTV’s in your header today!

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