RX-7 rear

We thought we preferred these cars de-spoilered (and thus de-cluttered), but this photo stopped us dead in our tracks and has us reconsidering. Wow.

~ by velofinds on April 10, 2013.

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  1. If only those engines were reliable. It’d be all over my top 5 desirable usable cars

    • If only they fit tall and fat people, then I’d probably trade my Z4 coupe for one. Or would I? Double wishbones, so you can get some crazy negative camber at full suspension travel. Big plus there for track addicts. Crazy Bose subwoofer setup in the back of these in case nobody has ever seen one.

      The amp is aftermarket, but those snake-like sub-ducts are factory.

  2. Has that Storm Trooper feel.

  3. Very 90’s but still induces lust

  4. Rear spoilers are best smaller like this one. The problem is most of the performance world still thinks “Bigger is better”. Things get out of hand.


  6. I’ve always loved the FD RX-7, but always with a small OEM wing. When de-spoilered the tail is missing something, the lines are clean, but they don’t seem to flow well without the small distraction of a tiny spoiler.

  7. Cant believe these things are 20 years old now. They certainly dont look like it.

    • They really don’t— they look every bit as fresh and modern as they did when new. Can’t say the same about the 300ZX or the Supra, which were its nearest competitors at the time.

  8. I like car butts and I cannot lie,
    You other brothers can’t deny.
    When a car drives by with a nice kamm tail,
    A hatch backside, a tea tray whale,
    A fastback thing or a ricer wing.
    Drop that clutch, let the engine sing.
    A streamlined rear was hot back in the day.
    Now we know that flat works OK…

    I’ll stop before this gets out of hand…

    But seriously, more (car) rear ends please.

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