Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Image credits (where available): Julien Mahiels, Mark PetermanJoão M. Guimarães

~ by velofinds on April 1, 2013.

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  1. Tatra 603 is a real beauty ..its pitty that its sort of Comunist party leaders and CZ version of KGB car.. but..

  2. Excellent selection, as always, but that “electric959” on 993(?) wheels almost made me nauseous…

  3. As usual, awesome selection of awesome goodness.

  4. That might the sexiest photo of an Opel ever taken.. (a modest claim I guess, but I like it).

    Also that MB 190 (?) racecar – love that thing.

  5. I love this website.

    I’d pick the Peugeot T16 over the Renault Turbo. I’d normally prefer rwd to 4wd, but I hear the Peugeot handles better.

    The Fulvia is sex on wheels.

    • Thank you sir!

      I also like the look of the T16 better than the Renault (just).

    • My relationship with that Renault is not a rational one. If ever one came my way and I was in the circumstances where I could buy it, oh yes…

    • I do agree with you, i would pick the t16 over the r5 anytime, but the 205 pictured here is a modified 205 by Dimma, a belgian coachbuilder, with permission of Peugeot. ie a standard 205, factory kitted, with maybe a tuned motor 🙂
      Nowhere as prestigious as an original t16, but it kinda has some cult around it in dark corners of the internet ! (only a few where buiit by dimma in there plant, the rest came as body kit)

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