What goes into a Magnus Walker 911?

Well, who better than Magnus than to walk us through it?

So what do we think? Well it’s a bit busy for our taste (we like to think our appetite for modification falls somewhere along the spectrum between Magnus Walker custom build and PCA purist), but to be fair, no two of his cars are the same and we continue to have great respect for the man and his work. Our favorite part about the car? Surely it must be the 2200 lbs curb weight! Wow.

~ by velofinds on March 26, 2013.

8 Responses to “What goes into a Magnus Walker 911?”

  1. Love it. I realize this wasn’t the question, but I lean much more toward this sort than, say, a Singer.

  2. I couldn’t have put any more elegantly how I feel about the tuning on this car.

    Car has character in spades, and you have to give big kudos for that, but I can’t go through the hair and overall looks of this guy. I know it’s a superficial and silly way of judging him, but I think it says more about his attitude and it’s just beyond me to find him likable.

    Maybe it’s just that I’m jealous that I don’t have a single 911 for every single year of the classic 911…?

  3. 2 of the most annoying people under one roof. Why couldn’t the earthquake happen then?

  4. Two genuine, authentic car enthusiasts standing under the roof of one of Southern California’s true automotive shrines discussing a brilliant, custom-made, performance-oriented, elemental Porsche 911. How could any self-respecting car nut find it in himself (or herself) to have anything other than praise for these two? And for those who don’t know, Magnus used to club race with the PCA; he is not a show boater lacking in skills.

    • > he is not a show boater lacking in skills

      Then why does he do his nuts up sequentially?

  5. Negativity…why? Man, we all WISH for a car like this or we wouldn’t be visiting this site. Syed: ‘Superficial gimps’? What’s your story? More impressive? Done more? I think not.

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