Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it..

Image credits (where available): Guillaume T, Citrobert, David G, Adam Swank, europeancarweb,, zadro,, pelicanparts, iedei,

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  1. Hot damn this is such a good grab bag.

    Is that a mid-engine turbo R32? Details?

  2. I do love those Europas!

  3. What a selection!! loved it!

  4. Another exquisite grab bag of awesomeness!

  5. That Mister Two looks like it deserves some more details too!

    • While Toyota’s front-engine, rear-drive Celica rally cars proved dominant in the African Group B rallies of the 1980s, they were at a disadvantage on the twistier European stages. Thus in 1985 Toyota Team Europe started a rally project codenamed “222D” based on the MR2, for competition in Group S and potentially Group B as well. Though somewhat similar on the outside, it’s clear that it shared very little with the production car. Little is known about this project because it never competed before Group B was canceled in 1986.

      During a surprise appearance at the 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Toyota drove and displayed a black 222D. The race-ready car weighed around 750 kilograms (1,700 lb) and its transverse-mounted, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine (what appears to be a 503E race engine, though other prototypes may have used the 4T-GTE) was reported to produce as much as 750 horsepower (560 kW).[15][16] A V6-powered prototype was also rumored to exist, but has never been seen in public (source)


      • Neato. A first for me there… Wicked. Would sound better with a six though! Arigato.

  6. Some great pics, love the old Mexico and Lotus Cortina. As for the Mustangs awsome. Thanks for the post.

  7. Love the Trans Am shots.

    Proof that American Iron of the time wasn’t necessarily all about straight lines and big blocks (remember, Trans Am had a 5.0L limit).

  8. The source of the 599XX photo:

  9. Love that there’s what looks like a duct directing cool air onto the driver made of sheet metal on that yellow race saab’s door. Why not?

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