This is what 911 delivery to Norfolk Island looked like back in 1982

And just where is Norfolk Island? We’re glad you asked:

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia (France), 1,412 kilometres (877 mi) directly east of mainland Evans Head, and about 900 kilometres (560 mi) from Lord Howe Island. The island is part of the Commonwealth of Australia, but it enjoys a large degree of self-governance. Together with two neighbouring islands, it forms one of Australia’s external territories.

Originally colonised by East Polynesians, Norfolk Island was colonised by Britain as part of its settlement in Australia in 1788. It then served as a convict penal settlement until 1794, when it was abandoned until 1856, when permanent residence on the island for civilians began and it was settled from Pitcairn. In 1901, the island became a part of the Commonwealth of Australia which it has remained until this day (source).

As for the story behind the photo, we’ll let the owner tell the tale:

i was asked about the history of my 2.4E recently and whilst i purchased it out of NZ 10 years ago and knew that it was originally delivered to HK i had paid scant regard to the paperwork that came with the car.

so i decided to pull out all the stuff i had and have a good look.

what the certificate of registration in NZ shows that i didnt know is that the car was imported to NZ from Norfolk Island ! on the back of this document is the original NZ owners name, William Walter Hallett, so i said to my self, self, there cant be too many William Walter Hallett’s in NZ, and sure enough there was only one !

NZ White Pages and contact details for WWH in Masterton NZ.

what the hell, i’ll call, and left the crazy person message- did you own a 911 on Norfolk Island, if yes can you give me a call, if no, please excuse me …

9pm that night the phone rings- it’s Bill (William), yes it was his car, chat, chat, he was digging around in some paperwork and found the original maintenance record books for the car, would i like them !!

today in the mail, true to his word Bill sends me the maintenance record which also details the original owner in HK- and what i think is a classic photo of the car being ‘delivered’ to Norfolk Island in 1982.

Originally posted on the Early 911S Registry here. Hat tip to reader Chris R.!

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  1. Awesome!

  2. Awesome picture!

  3. Great post, love it!

  4. This is absolutely nuts! So many questions…
    – How did the 911 fit on such a small boat?
    – They couldn’t find a bigger boat?
    – How did they lower the 911 into the boat without those ropes damaging the fenders?
    – How did the weight of the car not destabilize the boat?
    – How did the boat make it hundreds of miles through the Pacific Ocean without capsizing?
    – Was the boat towed? I don’t see how it was powered.

    And most importantly…
    – Why the hell would you go through all that risk and hassle to bring a 911 to a island that’s only 4-5 miles wide, with maybe 20-30 miles of paved roads total?!?!

    Absolutely nuts.

  5. ^^Because racecar.

  6. Great post.

  7. fascinating !
    i’ve been to norfolk island, back in the 70s/80s it was a popular duty-free destination for many kiwis and australians but never knew there was a 911 there !

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