Hot hatch shootout on a very cold, very wet track

Hmm.. the R26.R for us, please. Seems to be the ‘purest’ of all of these cars, although the Mini Cooper GP is also unquestionably sweet.

Meanwhile, the A1Q might make the most sense someplace where there’s a lot of snow.

~ by velofinds on March 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “Hot hatch shootout on a very cold, very wet track”

  1. Yeah, a non-‘S’ Audi is way out of its league here…

    • Actually, the A1 Quattro is basically the ‘S’ or even ‘RS’ version of the A1, not that it really mattered here. A standard A1 would have been positively trounced.

      • You are correct…it is basically an RS version of the A1….limited edition, very expensive, and very very fast. As much as i LOVE the R26R, the A1q is just too special to overlook!

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