Announcing Motoring Con Brio Readers’ Rides!

Because really, what self-respecting car and/or driving enthusiast community (print, online, or otherwise) doesn’t have a section dedicated to the rides belonging to its own? We all enjoy cars (particularly the kind you might find on this website) so let’s see yours— share your pride and joy with us as well as with your fellow enthusiast and MCB reader.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you are already on Flickr (which is free, by the way), join the newly-created Motoring Con Brio Readers’ Rides group and submit your photos there. Done.
  2. If you are not on Flickr and don’t wish to join, send your photo(s) to us and we will upload them to the group on your behalf.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to include any relevant information you’d like to share (e.g., first name, location, year/make/model of your car)  that may be of interest to others. This oughta be fun.


~ by velofinds on February 25, 2013.

6 Responses to “Announcing Motoring Con Brio Readers’ Rides!”

  1. Done and done. Looking forward to seeing what others have.

  2. Did I miss the point, or do some (or a whole bunch) of you just have phenomenal, rare *and* professionally-photographed cars which may just also happen to be posted elsewhere or be concurrently submitted to car-themed desktop wallpaper sites?

    I thought the whole point was to show and submit “our (McB readers’) cars”, and while those might range from an Austin Marina shot with a 110 film camera down at the chip shop to a Maclaren F1 shot by a pro, we’d at least know that the cars are indeed owned (and possibly, shot) by us McB readers…

    Or maybe it is a “send in car pics you like Flickr group” what do I know??

    • As discussed, I think (and in some cases know) that many of these are legit.. I can only assume that the readers of this blog have some really nice cars and that some of them are terrific photographers to boot 😉

      Seriously, though, this is supposed to be a fun thing, and my impression is that most, if not all, are playing by the rules. But this is also why I think some quantity of identifying information (first name, location, car’s make/model/year) when sharing would be helpful in de-mystifying some of these photos.

  3. I have the same suspicion. Or if people aren’t simply spamming a bunch of their photos (but not their cars), they may be submitting photos of numerous cars they’ve owned over an extended period of time, and not what they currently own. In my view, the “readers rides” should be what we CURRENTLY are driving.

  4. Okay, I pruned the pool a little (to the best of my knowledge and judgment— hopefully no one’s feelings are hurt) and added some additional details to the group description. This will hopefully make the group more enjoyable for all and allow it to serve something closer to its intended purpose.

    Now having said that, I will allow that I know independently that some of the readers of this website do in fact have some very nice cars (plural in some cases).

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