Mini grab bag of stuff you like (guest curator edition)

Also mostly-Giugiaro edition. Hat tip to guest curator Reilly B. for putting together this fine little selection!

~ by velofinds on February 21, 2013.

6 Responses to “Mini grab bag of stuff you like (guest curator edition)”

  1. The 117 is perhaps an under-appreciated machine. A nicely styled twin-cammed coupe, perhaps constrained by limited exports. Putting aside its Isuzu name that is… Neko.

  2. The Ritmo… A low point for Fiat in any trim level, including this badge-engineered one.

  3. i disagree ^ , the later ritmo abarth 130 was a cracker of a hot hatch !

    the isuzu 117 was a landmark car – early giugiaro design, a pioneer of dohc, efi and diesel power in a sports car.

    after a long run isuzu fubbed the piazza sequel.

  4. Never had the pleasure of seeing one up close, let alone experiencing one, but this looks compelling:

  5. What is the model of Ferrari on the first photo?

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