Profile: racing driver Randy Pobst

Motor Trend is fortunate to have him, as he gave (gives) them a much-needed shot of credibility.

~ by velofinds on February 20, 2013.

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  1. That was great, he’s a stand up guy. I remember going to race with my uncle down in Florida at Moroso. After my uncle would race his heat, we would get to watch Randy Pobst sit in on some races and run for what seemed to be with random teams. One race seems to stick out in my mind the most. Im not sure what kind of race it was exactly, the cars were so random. There were BMW’s, a Viper, all kinds of stuff and then you had Randy racing in some kind of Honda. I want to say it was a CRX or Civic. Anyway, Randy would just blow by car after car in this little honda like everyone else was sitting still. At one point after a caution I remember him passing at least six cars in one turn. ONE TURN! He would out brake you, he would out turn you. It didnt matter. It was amazing to watch.

    After the race, I recall Randy came over to our pit to speak with Charles Kolb (ex-sports car racer) who was racing with my uncle at the time. Charley and Randy as well as my uncle chatted for quite a while. Afterwards Randy came over and sat down with me. I was just a kid at this point in time. He was going to tell me all about getting into racing. That conversation didnt make it any further than a few words before other people interrupted us wanting to speak with him. I was so bummed. This was before he blew up into a full blown factory driver. I feel almost honored getting to see him race before he really became the well known driver that he is today. Getting a word in with him, even if it was for a few seconds was icing on the cake.

  2. Always seems like such a great guy. Didn’t know he was with Ed Arnold and the E34 M5s.

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