Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Wow @ those prices.

Just your average suburban strip mall scene.

Ruh roh— do we dare? 😉

Ferrari V8. 32 valves. FWD.

That color, wow.

Image credits (where available): Bernd Kammerer, Yan-Alexandre, Peter W.J. Miller, filip buysmans, citrobert, CitroenAZU, tony starr,,

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  1. Wow……..May be my favorite Grab Bag yet! So many stunning shots – Thanks for the visual tour!

  2. The notion of shoving an M lump into a 2002 never occurred to me before, but consider that another project added to the ever-growing “once I win the Powerball” agenda…

  3. I’d be more than willing to look after that lovely E24 Alpina for a while, or perhaps that lovely redhead…

  4. That FWD Lancia Thema has a V8 made by Ducatti, although, of course, it was sold as a “Ferrari V8”. Gotta love the Italians…

    • I think the official line is that [some of] it was assembled by Ducati from “castings made at Maranello”:

      It used a 2927 cc Ferrari V8. This engine was based on the unit used in the Ferrari 308 and in the Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole, and some of the componentry was assembled by Ducati from castings made at Maranello. The engine differed from other Ferrari V8s of the time in that it was equipped with a cross-plane type crankshaft rather than the usual flat-plane crankshaft, smaller valves and different firing order. All this to make the engine characteristics more suitable in a four-door luxury saloon. Both Series 1 and 2 cars in non catalysed form produced 215 PS (158 kW; 212 hp) and were capable of 0–100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and 240 km/h (149 mph) whilst catalysed versions were slightly detuned to 205 PS (151 kW; 202 hp) which gave 0–100 km/h in 7.2 seconds and 235 km/h (146 mph) (source).

      And from Octane:

      The Ferrari V8 that was shoehorned into Lancia’s Type Four chassis was not actually assembled by Ferrari. The job of screwing it together was outsourced to Ducati engineers. Although similar to that found in the 308 qv, it was tuned differently to suit the Lancia’s more relaxed driving style (source).

      • I didn’t realize the Thema’s engine differences extended beyond outsourcing the assembly to Ducati. Thanks for that additional detail, Drew.

      • Still prefer the SAAB version of this car. Partially because I used to own a 9000 Turbo. Oh man was that a great highway car.

        • In terms of looks? Then yes I agree— the 9000 Turbo is a timeless looker.

          And let’s not forget the Alfa Romeo 164. That’s a handsome car also. Speaking of which:

          Skip to 1:50.

  5. Thank goodness! I see I am not the only weirdo in the world who actually likes the Maserati Biturbos. Although, the Shamal was quite a special Biturbo. (Do you know the Karif?)
    Sadly, here in Europe I regularly see lesser Biturbos rotting away in car repair lots. What a shame. Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion didn’t help either. Well, I still think they are sexy.
    People who say they are not “real” Maseratis are the same misguided souls who like to say 924/944/968/928/914’s are not real Porsches.

    All the best, and thanks for your great blog.

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