AMG what?

That’s right: AMG 250. We didn’t even know the W114/W115 Mercs had AMG variants, but apparently they did. We think we’ve found our newest favorite Mercedes.

Doesn’t take a German speaker to figure out what this means:

This on the other hand..

And a manufacturer-produced film on the W114— lots of neat period engineering on full display here:

(Image credit: TuningHistory)

~ by velofinds on January 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “AMG what?”

  1. I meant to wear my schafspelz today, but they were still in the washer.

  2. These parts are damn near non existent. This article and a couple pics of a brown car are all the documentation that exists. A company in Germany will regrind the M110 cams to similar performance for $500 or so. WOuld love to make my W114 280C a vintage AMG. Thanks for posting!

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