Assorted grab bag of stuff we like

Getting right to it.

Odd, yet compelling:

Image credits (where available):,, alex.atallah, dylan king photography, Neil Bridge, citrobert, Rudolph J, João M. Guimarães, Loichtfeuer,, doudD, ham hock,

~ by velofinds on January 28, 2013.

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  1. I love how the SM is threatening the plowed field with its smooth ride test… My 356A had no caps too, but my house did not look like that! Thanks for a great set, in the old format too. Neko.

  2. Phew, I was just thinking where’s the Alfa Giulia this week, and you snuck it in. Good work!

  3. Love the all Euro theme. Maybe next time all Japanese?

    • Certainly wasn’t meant to be thematic. Despite appearances, these really are intended to be random grab bags, so if a theme or heavy skew ever appears to be present, it’s unintentional.

      That said, on the whole this blog does lean more Euro than it does Japanese, so it will naturally happen from time to time.

  4. Best grab bag yet, I think. So many beautiful and amazing cars in so many great settings. Hard to get back to focusing on work after this series…

  5. That ’02 rear end brings a lot of memories flooding back..

  6. Honored to have a few of my photos included (the white Alfa Giulia). Cheers!

  7. Love the opening (108) and closing (Giulia)… By coincidence, my 108 spent Sunday afternoon with a Giulia.

    Awesome shots with the Beech Staggerwing and Lancair, too.

    Nice collection!

  8. That brown 911 is just SO right. My God.

  9. the Lancia was for sale on Ebay last year and went for cheap money, I think.

    Brown 911. All day.

  10. The mid-century modern architecture and vintage cars go soooooo well together!

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