So jealous right now

We’re loving these shots of Top Gear mag’s road trip across the States (avoiding Interstates!) in a Focus ST— *this* is the way to see America.

The car isn’t important so much as the journey, but if one were to do this classic coast-to-coast trip in any car, we imagine the newest king of the hot hatch mountain makes as fine a choice as any.

An aside: did Ford issue press vehicles in only this mustard yellow?

Click here to see the rest of it.

(Hat tip to Stipistop!)

~ by velofinds on January 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “So jealous right now”

  1. Ford loves their “Tangerine Scream,” to be sure.

  2. I live in the middle of Brooklyn now without a car (and I would not want to deal with one here). I love reading this stuff. I have enjoyed my time thus far, but stuff like this makes me want to pack up and move.

  3. recently tried one of these and it lived up/down to expectations.
    not that fast, not a great handler, awful gearbox, less than the sum of its parts.
    golf gti has nothing to worry about 😉

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