Aston or Morgan

Which would you choose? (assuming ‘neither’ is not an option)

Aston V8 sounds superb as usual, but it’s hard to argue with the Morgan’s sub-3000 lb curb (er, “kerb”) weight. Shame testing wasn’t done in dry conditions but hey, that’s Britain for you.

Oh, and how great does Anglesey Circuit (“the circuit by the sea”) look?

~ by velofinds on December 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Aston or Morgan”

  1. Aston is one of those storied marques that I’ve always dreamed of owning. Morgan as a manufacturer should not exist in this age. Despite these “Facts”, I would have the Morgan in a heartbeat. The look, the sound and the lightweight speak to me more than the Aston’s faster laps.

    As far as Anglesey goes, I’d be happy to be able to drive it, RWD please!

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    Not sure what it is but I really do love the looks of the Morgan. For lack of a better word – it’s modern, timeless design and the BMW engine upfront certainly doesn’t hurt my opinion of it!

  3. morgan !
    the cack-handed rev counter on modern astons does me in every time.

  4. Aston. The Morgan is sort of interesting….but absurdly ugly.

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