XPro’d Giulia Super — London

Cross-processing tends to be love-it-or-leave-it we find, and it’s very much in vogue now. We, for one, like to think that we were into it before it became cool 😉

Images by vespamore photography

Photographer’s notes:

Taken November ’12 with Olympus OM-2N, shot on expired Ektachrome slide film & cross-processed

~ by velofinds on December 13, 2012.

12 Responses to “XPro’d Giulia Super — London”

  1. Hard to go wrong when the subject is so beautiful. I think the treatment suits the era of the car as well.

    • “beautiful”? interesting. are you the type of person who walks up to buildings, looks at one of the million bricks installed within it and starts shouting “Look at this brick! it’s so beautiful!!!! OH MY GOD IT IS LOVELY!”

      • I think you need to have lived in the time to realize how significant this car was when it came out. Compound curves, in metal, though more common place now, were nearly unheard of then. The rear treatment of this box made it stand out a million miles from the other cars on the roads – especially right where this one was photographed. Where I might add, it still makes a statement. Neko.

      • See, you would probably hate something like a Volvo 780, which I love. Long live the Italian-designed bricks.

  2. i’m not sure what’s worse….that bland box of a car or those super instagram special dime a dozen photos!

  3. You can’t cross process without film. This is just digital adulteration of a new order.

    Seeing this car in London reminds me of the old poster: “The Italians design cars to their ideal of feminine beauty… (pic of classic Ferrari) — and so do the British (Pic of Series Land Rover)”

    This car has a brutish beauty to it. Always has, really, especially in Carabinieri livery: navy blue with red and white stripes.

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