We don’t care

We don’t care what anybody thinks. We don’t care that the words “Honda Civic” have become a punch line in enthusiast circles. This— we’ll never be too good for this, just so long as it looks Exactly. Like. This.

Don’t change a thing.

It’s not our first time professing love for the CR-X.


~ by velofinds on December 12, 2012.

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  1. I love this way more than I probably should.

  2. This dates back to when Honda Civic wasn’t a punch line, so no excuses needed. And, in all fairness, the original CRX Si was hardly a typical Honda Civic. Of course, the only thing I’d change is the monochromatic white paintwork that clearly dates this car back to the 80’s.

    • the only thing I’d change is the monochromatic white paintwork that clearly dates this car back to the 80′s.

      Actually, for me that only adds to the appeal 🙂

      • Based on your recent purchase, I suspected as much. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of the white cars. To each their own, right?

        • Absolutely. It’s funny— I wouldn’t consider myself to be a fan of white cars, either, but certain ones just do it for me. And this one goes about it in a different way than the M3, which I would actually dislike in white were it not for all the black trim pieces contrasting against the white sheetmetal.

  3. More CRX goodness here (just ignore the CRZ bits):


  4. the CRX was my ultimate dream car when i was 8 years old……i still wouldn’t throw one out of the garage….still a cool car in every way.

    • Just look at it. For anyone into an E30 M3, a Delta Integrale, a Rallye Golf, a UrQuattro, etc., I think it’s impossible to hate— even if it’s Japanese and not as storied as those cars.

  5. Is this Super Synchronicity, the twin engined one that Car and Driver or Road and Track (can’t remember which) built back in the day? Because this one looks just like it.

  6. Good god that is sexy – a little Japanese Abarth. Funny how you put it about not caring if you’d be associated with a certain crowd – I wrote something very similar a few months back.

    Once more though, because it’s worth repeating – that thing is just lovely.

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