Neue Mini, S800, and GT-R— wait, what?

Odd bedfellows, but all nice drivers in their own right. If this doesn’t look like a fun outing, we don’t know what does! Bonus points to all three for wearing matching colors 😉

Images by MCB guest contributor Skorj (he of the 10,000 RPM S800— incidentally, the one that we, too, would choose) and general correspondent of all things Japanese.


~ by velofinds on December 7, 2012.

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  1. Thanx for a great blog guys. Reading Motoring Con Brio is part of my morning routine, with a cup of coffee and a rusk ;). Quick question: how do I contribute? I was lucky enough to photograph a friends new M6. The images are on my blog: Please delete the link if it’s not allowed.



  2. Hey it’s Hakone! We used to live in Hachioji on the far west side of Tokyo and drove to this area on weekends pretty often. The roads around there are a blast … the squiggly green one on the southwest side of the lake shown in the map shot is particularly fun and is usually laced of tasty machinery on the weekends. All I had when we were over there was an anemic Mitsubishi Colt, which I nevertheless flogged mercilessly on these roads. Also, there was an awesome Ferrari museum nearby in Gotenba, which has since closed. I miss Japan. 😉

  3. Oh I forgot … If you’re like me and you like looking for tight curvy roads on maps, pan north a little on Google and look for Hwy 413. Zoom in real close. There are a couple of stretches that will turn you inside-out and make you think you’re in the Monte Carlo rally.

  4. Godzilla doesn’t look so big next to that Mini. I find that confusing. Like looking at one of those rooms where the floor is angle up toward the back, and if a person walks to the back wall they appear to grow taller.

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