Debbie Harry in an unidentified car

Love. Also an excuse to post some Blondie.

Anyone care to identify the car? We’re thinking 1967 Camaro.

(Image: Bob Gruen)

~ by velofinds on December 5, 2012.

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  1. Its a 1968 Camaro… Totally.

  2. Oh, wait, there was a car in that picture?

  3. Sorry guys but it’s not a ’68…they didn’t have vent windows. Could be a second gen Corvair but it’s likely a ’67 Camaro.

  4. Dash instruments + wing window + steering wheel = ’67 Camaro. My older sis had a ’68 – the car in which I learned to drive a 4-speed. Still remember vividly the black & white houndstooth seat inserts, feel of the clutch, and the great sound of the V8 🙂

  5. From a Debbie Harry interview last year:

    “Back in the days when we were busted, I had this little Camaro that was my mother’s. I could barely cover the insurance. I could never have it repaired, so the linkage went down. And it got stuck in reverse. So, check this out: I used to drive it around in reverse. I would get in a one-way street, and I would keep driving backwards — it was so sick. It looked like I was looking for a parking spot. I would inch down backwards.”

    BTW she is 66 now and still smokin’ hot

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