That interior, oh my

We were treated to a peek inside a garage belonging to a deep-pocketed collector recently, and amidst all the precious glass and metal were these tasty specimens:

Even in the presence of some seriously envy-inducing machinery, we were drawn to these minty – yet oddly out of place – cloth seats (likely from a 944 Turbo S; they also came in gray) like moths to a flame. As this photo somewhat suggests, the collector doesn’t exactly strike us as an ’80s-car type (unless perhaps it’s a car that’s valued in the six figures), so we wonder what these seats might be going into or what they’ll eventually be used for. Office furniture, perhaps?

~ by velofinds on November 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “That interior, oh my”

  1. Just awesome!! would love a pair of those seats for my AW11 MR2. Of any sport seat with such a periodcorrect fabri on it.

  2. Would look splendid in a MK1 scirocco or Quattro!

  3. seem worse from an 80’s porker…
    imagine if you will, ox blood red seats with white carpets

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