Postscript: E28 versus W123

Guest contributor Rob Richardson offers the following thoughts on the BMW E28 vis–à–vis the W123, having owned both:

They are both brilliant cars, but your choice should come down to this: do you want to go fast or do you want to go far? If you require any level of dynamic performance get an E28. I’d say from a handling and performance point of view the E28 has it covered; I mean who doesn’t want to drive a 3.5 6-pot fast!?

The W123 on the other hand, for me, will only ever be a Gentleman’s express: point it where you want to go, sit back, relax, and effortlessly cover vast distances.

Rob’s E28.

~ by velofinds on November 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “Postscript: E28 versus W123”

  1. The E28 will eat up the miles too.
    We do a 3K + roadtrip every year in one of ours,
    that includes a combination of interstates and state hwys in TX, AR, LA, MS, AL and GA and some of the best backroads NC, VA, WV, KY, and TN have to offer.

  2. E28 (2.8, 3.5 or M) as long as it’s not a 4 cyl, diesel or e !

  3. Where’s the E28 love?

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