Officine Autodromo raises the bar— again

Just when we thought these watches couldn’t get any nicer, Autodromo has raised the bar yet again with the release of the exquisite, limited edition Monoposto, their first automatic mechanical watch. (Autodromo is, of course, the creation of industrial designer and MCB friend Bradley Price, he of Automobiliac fame.) From Autodromo:

Autodromo has released their very first automatic watch, named Monoposto. This limited edition timepiece is powered by a robust Miyota 821A self-winding movement with calendar complication. The polished stainless steel case is 43mm in diameter, and features an exhibition caseback, etched with the Autodromo logo, through which the mechanical movement can be viewed.

The rugged, full grain leather strap is equipped with a polished roller buckle just like the hood straps on a vintage racing car.

Monoposto is Italian for “single-seater,” and the watch is accordingly inspired by dashboard gauges from 1950s-era grand prix racing cars. It was common practice for racing mechanics in the 1950s to paint a red line onto the glass of the rev counter so the driver would know when to shift. The Monoposto makes reference to this practice with a distinctive red line applied to the inside of the proprietary 40mm domed crystal.

Now, to choose between Black and Silver dials, both of which look superb (as we’re sure many of you will agree, whether you count yourself as a watch aficionado or not). Decisions, decisions..

Make the jump to see the Monoposto and the rest of the Autodromo collection:

Autodromo – Instruments for Motoring

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4 Responses to “Officine Autodromo raises the bar— again”

  1. Holy smokes, this is pure perfection! It’s a perfect blend of Bauhaus simplicity and functionality with a dash of vintage style. Hats off to Bradley – with limited edition watches it’s easy to overdo it, but he’s done a fantastic job. It’s so good that I’m tempted to put my credit card to use right now, but I don’t think my bank will like that…

  2. Looks nice, but… a slushbox?

  3. It sure is. After several years of owning mechanical watches I’d give a lot fur a nice slushbox. Miyota might not be the last word in prestige and rarity, but there isn’t much that can beat it in reliability, accuracy, ease of maintenance and affordability.

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