The one about Steve Jobs, Ross Perot, and a couple of Porsches

Read this recently in a couple of different places and had a laugh. Read on..

[Software engineer and NeXT employee Randy] Adams told a story from 1985 when both he and Jobs each owned a Porsche 911. One day at the NeXT offices in Palo Alto, Calif., Jobs rushed to Adams and told him they had to move their cars.

“Randy, we have to hide the Porsches,” Jobs reportedly told Adams. “Ross Perot is coming and thinking of investing in the company, and we don’t want him to think we have a lot of money.”

The Porsches were hidden behind the office so they could not be seen by Perot. The Texas businessman eventually invested $20 million in NeXT (source).

Not the car that Jobs hid, although the BBS ‘Turbofans’ are mighty cool.

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  1. Those look a lot like two 924S to me, rather than 911s. 😀

  2. I miss the OG apple logo. Love the 935.

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    Clearly, one who covered all the bases regarding potential outcomes to upcoming business decisions and adjusting accordingly.

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